What we have in this country is M’sia Bodoh

Some people have been pushing rhe idea the GE will be held soon, maybe early next year.

I beg to differ.

The issue is not holding an early GE. The issue is Najib.

A tainted person cannot continue to head the government. A tainted person cannot lead a party or lead it into the GE.

These people who are pushing the early GE idea said that it must be held soon before Bersatu gets stronger.

At the same time, they claim that Bersatu is nothing i.e. it will not have any impact.

This is a contradiction in terms.

Those pushing for the early GE claim that Mahathir is also a crook, perhaps an even bigger one.

The issue is not whether Mahathir is also a crook and whether he’s a bigger crook.

The issue is Najib.

The issue is not an early GE.

The issue is not whether Bersatu will make an impact.

It seems like what we have now is M’sia Bodoh.

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