A new security law in Malaysia came into force on Monday, one that critics say gives the government broad, unchecked powers.

It allows for authorities to create a so-called “security zone” inside which arrests and seizures can happen without warrants.

Some say the government could use this law to ward off political and legal challenges.

But Prime Minister Najib Razak says the security law is crucial for protecting Malaysian citizens.

In a statement, Najib’s office said the National Security Council Act has been deliberately misinterpreted.

So, what does this new law mean for Malaysia’s democracy?

Presenter: Sohail Rahman


Eric Paulsen – Executive director of Lawyers for Liberty.

Clare Rewcastle Brown – Editor of the Sarawak Report.

Azrul Mohd Khalib – Manager of External Relations at the Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs.

Source: Al Jazeera