Washington stupid to back Riyadh on Syria

The western media doesn’t mention taqiyya and kitman. They are not interested in religious issues.

The western media is not into news reporting to help make a difference. They are more into story telling with emphasis on human suffering.

This is not because they are concerned with the plight of the people.

For them, it’s just entertainment, with an eye on the bottomline.

Syria is an example.

What’s the story on Syria?

No one knows.

Suddenly, CNN is screaming that Assad cannot be part of the “solution”.

Why not?

What solution?

The “solution” will come when eastern Allepo falls to the Syrian Government. CNN refers to it as the Assad regime. It’s not the Assad regime. It’s the Syrian Government.

If the people of Syria have lost their sovereignty to a handful of people in Damascus, it’s the responsibility of the UN to raise the issue.

The US, Saudi Arabia and other allies have no business supplying arms to so-called rebels in Syria.

The human suffering in Syria was created by Saudi Arabia backed by its allies. Washington is stupid to go along.

That’s why Trump wants to support Putin on Syria. He sees that supporting Putin’s allies, Iran and China, as the right move on Syria.

He’s right.

Saudi Arabia is a hypocrite which suppresses women and human rights. The people there have lost their sovereignty to a handful of crooks in Riyadh.

Once eastern Allepo falls, Assad will be able to hold on to the western strip in the country i.e. from Allepo in the north to Damascus in the south.

That’s enough to give him control of the entire country.

Except for some oil fields here and there, he doesn’t need to hang on to the rest of the country. It’s just desert.

The Turkish President has been stealing this oil. The UN should act.

God doesn’t interfere in human affairs.

Religion is not about man as a spiritual being. It’s a distortion, the art of the devil. You can see Satan in the eyes of people high on religion. They are possessed by demons.

The Bible, the Word of God, is not about religion but man as a spiritual being.

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