Washington must come to its senses in Syria

An anti-Assad protester carries the Syrian freedom flag in front of the U.S. Capitol in Washington last September. The Obama administration on Monday said it's given approval for the Syrian opposition to open a formal diplomatic mission in Washington, D.C. (Kevin Lamarque/REUTERS)
Politics has nothing to do with God. Jesus did say, “render to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s”.
Politics is the Art of the Devil.
The very concept of government is evil. On paper, a government can do what it wants unless restrained by the Court and the people.
If a people cannot change the government through elections, it simply means that under international law they have lost their sovereignty to a handful in power.
This is where the UN should come in, exercise leadership, and take ownership of the issue.
We cannot allow what’s going on in Syria.
The war in Syria has simply further delayed the return of sovereignty to the people.
It’s no use rebel forces claiming they hold most of the country.
The fact is rebel forces will never take control of the country. There’s no military solution in Syria.
Assad needs to just hold the narrow western part, from Allepo to Damascus, and the oil fields to control the entire country.
Patently, the Kurds in the east will carve out an autonomous region. That’s something that Damascus can live with. The Kurds will still be part of Syria.
Where does that leave the rebel forces? They will be simply holding vast desert areas of the country but no oil fields, no infrastructure and very few people.
The sooner that Washington comes to its senses on Syria, the better for its tattered credibility and international reputation.
The US cannot simply act with impunity in world affairs.
The Russians have made that clear. Never mind the Iranians and the Chinese who are with Russia in Syria.
Once Washington pulls out from Syria, and persuades Saudi Arabia and others to do likewise, the issue can return to the UN for a final resolution.
The way forward in Syria is clear.
There must be an Interim Government in Damascus, supervised by the UN, to work on disarmament of all rebel forces, expulsion of foreign forces, draw up a new Constitution, clean up the electoral rolls and hold new elections.
Saudi Arabia is an international disgrace.
It was involved in 911. The families of the victims will be suing the Saudi Arabian Government.
The UN should do something about returning sovereignty to the people of Saudi Arabia as well. The aristocracy are international criminals running amok. They should be retired and driven into exile.
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