UMNO’s attack upon Kimberley Motley shows political conspiracy against Anwar Ibrahim

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Umno has sunk to a new low, with yesterday’s statement by prominent Umno leader Jamal Yunus calling Anwar Ibrahim’s international legal adviser Kimberley Motley ‘crazy’ and threatening demonstrations against her.

This is a blatant attempt to intimidate and obstruct Kimberley Motley from doing her job as international legal adviser. By threatening to protest against her at the Federal Court on Oct 12, Jamal and Umno are undermining the legal system and interfering in the judicial process.

Not only is Anwar Ibrahim been jailed, but UMNO seems determined even to prevent him from the basic right of having the lawyer of his choice take up his case.

This latest attack is a measure of Umno’s desperation. Despite the conviction, most Malaysians and the global community do not believe that Anwar Ibrahim is guilty of the ridiculous crime he is accused of.

Umno leaders are fully responsible for Jamal’s statement. They cannot pretend that they have nothing to do with it.

This latest attempt by UMNO through Jamal to intimidate Anwar’s legal adviser is just more evidence of the political conspiracy against DSAI.
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