Umno wants ‘consensus on a BN consensus’ for new consensus on hudud

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There’s already a 43-year-old BN consensus rejecting hudud in Malaysia, there’s no need to reach a new “consensus” on Hadi’s hudud Bill.

PRESS STATEMENT  If Umno Ministers take the position that the “first consensus” was a Ministerial motion to fast-track Hadi’s hudud Bill, there will be a second Ministerial motion in Parliament at the end of the year to “fast-track” Hadi’s hudud Bill to bring his motion to a resolution in Parliament.

Alternatively, all the Ministers can agree on a new consensus to oppose Hadi’s hudud Bill.

Barisan Nasional (BN) leaders have always maintained that there is already a consensus on rejecting Hadi’s hudud Bill, and if this is the case, why is there a need to make “a consensus decision” on Hadi’s Bill, creating a new-fangled creature of a BN “consensus on a consensus”.

It was meaningless to indulge in empty rhetoric after the horses had bolted. It was pointless issuing empty threats which nobody believes.

MCA and Gerakan Presidents have threatened to resign from the Cabinet at the end of the year if Hadi’s hudud Bill was passed by Parliament.

The urgent and realistic thing to do was restore the status quo ante to reaffirm BN consensus to reject Hadi’s hudud Bill. Both Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Azalina Othman Said (proposer) and Deputy Works Minister Rosnah Abdul Rashid Shirlin (seconder) should be sacked for the Ministerial motion to fast-track Hadi’s hudud Bill in Parliament on May 26.

Even if MCA President Liow Tiong Lai and Gerakan President Mah Siew Keong dare not ask for the sacking of Azalina and Rosnah, they should ensure that the BN Supreme Council restore the status quo ante on the issue. The BN Supreme Council should re-affirm its stand on consensus, the basic principle and cardinal position of the coalition for over four decades right from its formation in 1973.

MCA President told a press conference in Sungai Besar that Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak had given “positive” signals over the BN row in the past two weeks over Hadi’s hudud Bill.

Liow told the press that he had met Najib over Hadi’s hudud Bill and conveyed the MCA’s view that the BN spirit and consensus must be respected and the Prime Minister had given “a positive response”.

The Gerakan President confirmed Liow’s statement. He said that Cabinet meeting resolved that the BN leadership will discuss and reach a ‘consensus’ on Hadi’s hudud Bill.

Mah revealed that in the meeting with Najib and Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi over Hadi’s hudud Bill, it was agreed that there will be a discussion among BN leadership and a consensus decision will be made in accordance with the BN spirit. I feel appalled about the quality, caliber and mettle of the present leaderships of the BN component parties.

In fact, there’s already a 43-year-old BN consensus rejecting hudud in Malaysia. There’s no need to reach a new “consensus” on Hadi’s hudud Bill.

If there’s going to be a second consensus on the first consensus in the new fangled BN “consensus on a consensus”, what was the first “consensus” all about?

If the “first consensus” was to recognize the 43-year BN consensus to reject hudud law, Azalina’s Ministerial motion has violated this consensus. The 43-year BN consensus must stand and remain.

Azalina and Rosnah should be sacked as Minister and Deputy Minister respectively for violating the 43-year-old BN consensus.


Lim Kit Siang

Gelang Patah MP

DAP Parliamentary Leader


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