Umno has never been about Malays but leaders

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COMMENT Mahathir is not only a creature of the media, he’s its creation. He knows how the media works. It’s the media that he has been using against Najib as well as others including PBS and Pairin. Mahathir will continue to use the media against Najib and others.

I still remember the coverage against PBS and wondered how its leaders could be so ignorant of how the media works. YTL is the biggest duffer of them all. These losers failed the people and allowed the Malayans to push them around.

The mainstream media won’t be able to help Najib. Knowing how the media works, I doubt that Najib can hang on to the PM’s post.

How Najib departs from the scene remains to be seen. The investigations overseas on his scandals and coverage by the international media will do him in.

The certainty, moving forward, is that three people are in the running for the Prime Minister’s post viz. Lim Kit Siang backed by Mahathir, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah backed by Najib and Ahmad Zahid Hamidi backed by the Umno Supreme Council.

If anyone other than Razaleigh becomes Prime Minister, Najib will be counting the bars.

Azmin Ali is likely to be Deputy Prime Minister under Lim who will serve out until GE14 in 2018 and retire mid-term in 2020.

Anwar Ibrahim, and probably Wan Azizah, are unhappy with the Mahathir-Lim Kit Siang pact.

Umno’s politics, Mahathir’s included, has never been about the Malays. Those in power preached My Party, Right or Wrong because it suits their personal politics.

Once out of power, like Mahathir, they don’t subscribe to My Party, Right or Wrong. That explains why Mahathir can team up with Lim Kit Siang without batting an eyelid. He will have no qualms about backing Lim for the premiership because it will strengthen his family’s role in mainstream politics.

About 30 per cent of Malay voters are hardcore racists and swear by My Party Right, or Wrong. These are the born losers, forever being taken for a ride.

The 40 per cent Malay fence sitters are likely to veer towards the Mahathir-Lim Kit Siang Alliance. That’s why Mahathir cares two hoots about what the 30 per cent racist hardcore Malay voters, the bulk of the Umno members, think.

He knows the racist Malays have no morals, no ethics and no sense of shame. He has said it before. The racists care two hoots how Najib came by so much money. They only want Najib to give them at least some of the crumbs after he has eaten, vomitted, farted and shat.

Najib has to just throw some scraps out onto the heap, and they will be tearing at each other like mangy, skinny, scrawny mongrels for the privilege of getting a small morsel.

Politics must be based on the realisation that we can’t take it with us when we go. There’s no need either to pile up for our generations to come. They will never appreciate it and besides having untold amounts of unearned wealth will destroy them.

Every generation must earn its keep.

Have a sense of shame, self-esteem and dignity.

If we can keep some of these things outlined above in mind, there would be no corruption i.e. making everything one touches go bad.

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