The roots of poverty lie in the state of mind

LETTER: Many people in the country are poor, really poor, in fact very poor, because of the state of mind created by the dependency syndrome i.e. depending on politicians and government.

Stop listening to politicians and just instruct them. If they don’t listen, get rid of them.

Get rid of your elected representative after two or three terms even if he or she is very good. Tell him or her to get a life and move on.

If elected representatives are no good, tell them to vacate their seats immediately. No need to wait for the next election.

It’s a myth the majority rules. It’s the minority which has always ruled since time immemorial. Mahathir, for example, comes from the tiny Malayalee Muslim community in Malaya. They came from Kerala, southwest India.

The majority, like the minority, only votes.

Forget the Malay language, learn English. Ignore the politicians when they talk about language or education. They know nothing.

Pick up the reading habit.

Adopt the Life Long Learning concept.

Forget tutition teachers. Tutor your children yourself from the moment they are born. A child, for example, learns language from the mother.

In moving from the old economy to the new, remember that what works is packaged convenience.

An example is Uber.

Remember the old ways can disappear suddenly overnight.

Example Uber replacing taxi drivers, and Uber, other ride-sharing and self-driving Drive Now cars replacing automobiles.

The government itself has said that it supports Uber because taxi drivers are rude and they cheat passengers.

It has been estimated that the 247 million cars in the US, for example, will come down to 2.4 million cars sooner rather than later. People would prefer Uber, other ride-sharing and self-driving.

They will get rid of their cars.

What does that mean? The global automobile industry will collapse.

Until yesterday, it was said that they have seen the future of the automobile industry. “It’s in India and China,” said the automobile industry.


Now India and China would not be the future of the automobile industry.

The bottomline, as seen from Applications and the internet, is the future is in cyberspace, not the physical world.

That means how to duplicate in the cyberworld, the same activities in the physical world. Example Uber, AirAsia, Google, FaceBook, whatsApp, Messenger, instagram, twitter, online banking, online universities . . . all on the phone, not the desktop computer or the laptop.

Spend less than you earn. First, pay up all your bills and debts. This is one way to get out of poverty.

Don’t retire. Work until you die. Work will never kill you. Laziness and boredom will.

If you stop working, you will be very poor.

If no one gives you a job, then think about employing people to work for you.

Listen more, talk less.

Speak up. There’s nothing to fear but fear itself.

Relationships matter only if people matter to you. Otherwise, don’t lose sleep over relationships. You can see Satan in people’s eyes.

God doesn’t intervene in human lives. God has no laws. There’s no such thing as divine laws, and God’s perfect laws.

Don’t worry about racists (there’s no such thing) and those who are prejudiced (love and hate are on the reverse sides on the same coin, one can easily turn into the other).

Worry about opportunists (mahu sapu bersih semua) like Mahathir from Kerala.
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