The Plot Continues to Thicken

Umno leaders appear to be in a dilemma.

They may not know how much of Mahathir’s current stand is pure posturing and how much will have a serious impact on them.

To keep on the safe side, Umno leaders would want Zahid Hamidi to reject Mahathir’s new party no doubt on the grounds that the word “Bersatu” in the name would “confuse the Malays”.

These leaders can only resign themselves to the fact that Najib would have to leave. The question of legitimacy arises in the wake of the US Department of Justice (DoJ) filings in a court in California.

If Najib doesn’t leave, Umno leaders would have to live in fear that Mahathir would make another attempt to register his new party or take over an existing one.

Either way, Umno leaders know that Mahathir’s party can deprive them of at least a third of their current MPs. Mahathir wants to deprive Umno of its position as the single largest party in Parliament.

Najib leaving, the Umno leaders can only hope, would persuade Mahathir not to register a new party but instead return to Umno.

One “snag” is that Mahathir wants Najib and those involved with him in mega global financial scandals to be brought to justice. He’s going for the kill.

Another “snag” is that Zahid may have seen the need to approve Bersatu if he wants to take over the Umno presidency. In that case, would prefer a party which he doesn’t have to share with Mahathir’s people.

So, Umno leaders have to also thinking of removing Zahid as Home Minister and Deputy Prime Minister.
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