The nature of God no great mystery

My response to someone in FaceBook who said God spoke to him and that God speaks to us everyday . . .

God doesn’t interfere or intervene in human lives.

He won’t because he can’t. Having said that, we come into the Grace of God when we are in a sin-free state. Then, miracles happen.

There must be love and forgiveness to be in a sin-free state.

Read the Bible, the Word of God. It tells us about the relationship between God and a people, between God and individuals, and between individuals.

This is a relationship based on love.

Only God can forgive sins. We don’t take our sins with us when we go. We leave them behind. The Bible tells us, “the sins of the fathers will be visited on the children”.

God will not forgive our sins unless we first forgive those who have transgressed against us and we seek forgiveness from those against whom we have transgressed.

This is the essence of the Bible just as the Constitition is based on rule of law.

Jesus said, “if your brother sins against you 77 times, forgive him 77 times”.

It’s about keeping the conscience clear.

It’s the guilty conscience that kills.

The Constitution is about the relationship between a state and a people, between the state and individuals and between individuals.

This is a relationship based on compensation and punishment.

The Constitution, like the Bible, speaks of obligations, responsibilities and duties.

It sets out the governing institutions of state.

I didn’t include the following in my response:

Anyone who says God spoke to him is mentally ill.

He or she should be referred by a court for evaluation and institutionalised for life to keep the public from harm.

God is not a control freak. He doesn’t have a long list of dos and donts. There’s no such thing as God’s laws, divine laws and perfect laws.

Jesus said, “render to Caesar (the state) what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s (the soul).”
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