The late Kuala Kangsar MP ‘opposed’ hudud Bill

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Wanita Perak leader claims that MCA’s conscience was clear as it had not betrayed the Chinese community.

PRESS STATEMENT It was shocking that the MCA Perak was using the name of the late Kuala Kangsar MP, Wan Mohammad Khair-il Wan Ahmad, in the by-election campaign. They claim that if the late MP was still alive he would not have agreed with Hadi’s hudud Bill motion or with Azalina Othman Said for her Ministerial motion fast-tracking the Bill on the last day of Parliament on May 26.

The claim was in a letter by MCA Perak Chairman Mah Hang Soon which appeared in the June edition of the publication “Perak View”, distributed in Kuala Kangsar by the MCA by-election campaign team led by Wanita MCA Chief Heng Seai Kie.

Mah should not have used Wan Mohammad Khair-il’s name in vain. Mah should have sought permission from Mastura Mohd Yazid to use her late husband’s name to flog the party’s position on the hudud Bill. As Mastura is now Umno/Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate for the Kuala Kangsar by-election, has she given him the assurance that if elected, she will like her late husband oppose Hadi’s hudud Bill as well as oppose any Ministerial motion to ‘fast-track’ Hadi’s motion?

In fact, I had a “double shock” on Wednesday.

The second, was Heng’s statement in Kuala Kangsar that Azalina did not represent BN when she moved the Ministerial motion in Parliament on May 26 to fast-track Hadi’s hudud motion. This has come as a surprise all-round.

The Wanita MCA Chief was the best advertisement for the present party leadership, and why even card-carrying members have lost confidence in them. Seventy per cent of the one million card-carrying members voted against BN candidates in the last General Election in 2013.

The more Heng speaks, taking Malaysians for fools, the worse it will be for MCA.

What is even more befuddling Heng’s claim that “MCA’s conscience was clear as it had not betrayed the Chinese community”.

Heng provides a classic case of “eyes that see not, ears that hear not, mouth that speaks not, and conscience that feels not”.

The people had always been told that the government in Putrajaya was BN and not Umno, and that Ministers sit in Parliament representing the ruling coalition, not the main coalition party. The Wanita MCA Chief should therefore call for the sacking of Azalina from the Cabinet.

It appears that Azalina had moved the Ministerial motion as an Umno Minister, committing a gross breach of trust to act as a BN Minister reflecting the views of all component parties in the coalition.


Lim Kit Siang

Gelang Patah MP

DAP Parliamentary Leader


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