Team Adenan a betrayal of BN component parties

The ruling coalition in Sarawak is called Barisan Nasional (BN), not Team Adenan.

Who authorised the formation of Team Adenan? Umno and Putrajaya?

Everyone in BN stands on a BN ticket but they must be from a BN component party. It’s not the done thing to field those who are not members of BN component parties under the coalition’s symbol.

Team Adenan appears to consist of BN (PBB, PRS, SPDP and Supp) + Teras + UPP.

What happens after the election? Would Teras and UPP be admitted to the BN, supported by SPDP and Supp, or asked to dissolve themselves?

SPDP and Supp would never support the admission of Teras and UPP to BN. They would never re-admit any Teras or UPP member who wins in the election.

Supp has also said it would not share its 19 seats + 2 new seats with UPP. Supp has dismissed the sharing as divide-and-rule tactics. The party (Supp) insists on having its cake and eating it too. It not only wants all 16 Chinese seats but 5 Dayak seats. So, it seems it’s not okay to divide and rule the Chinese seats but it’s okay to divide and rule Dayak seats.

A Chinese party has no business having Dayak seats.

A Muslim party also has no business having Dayak seats.

How come BN gives all Muslim seats to PBB, and in the past all Chinese seats to Supp and divides Dayak seats among all parties in the ruling coalition?

The Dayaks are the majority community in Sarawak. If not for BN’s colonial divide and rule tactics, the Dayaks would be ruling Sarawak.

Instead of Team Adenan, it’s better for BN component parties to contest under their own symbols in a free for all and then resume the coalition after the election.


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