Tamils should condemn global mega financial scandals in M’sia

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was surprised by the standards reached by some recent Tamil films.

Examples are one starring Rajinikanth, who by the way is not Tamil but Marathi, and another starring Kamala Hassan. I don’t know whether Kamala Hassan is Tamil.

These films can equal the best in the west.

In Malaya however, the Tamils are a backward lot compared with the people in Tamil Nadu, southeast India. Tamil Nadu will overtake France one of these days.

Granted that the Melayu Gov’t in Putrajaya is a dinosaur.

Still, the Tamils in Malaya should do something about their ayo amah kadaivele, ena siedher (ayo, amah oh! God, what to do!) mindset.

It’s fatalistic, defeatist and negative.

As a result of the Tamils, the MIC has degenerated into a “neverrr mindd, vat to do!” party of ball carriers of the Melayu.

The Tamil response to the global mega financial scandals in the country is a case in point.

It’s even worse than the Melayu response.

Perhaps the response of the Tamils arises from the fact that, like the Chinese, they have been carrying the Melayu balls since the British left.

The budaya CTCP BJCS PT is not just in Malaya but has spread to Sabah and Sarawak too.

Pesaka is an example.
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