Seling Lah missing the point on RPK, Najib

Dear Seling Lah,

Fugitive blogger RPK is considered a liar and a mercenary.

You are missing the point.

Najib has been caught with his pants down on specific cases of plundering. That’s not the future the people want. If he remains, it’s feared that he will continue to plunder the Public Treasury and add to the national debt burden.

The market will react.

Mahathir is not the issue. Even if he’s a bigger thief, there’s nothing specific against him.

Mahathir never said that he’s the future.

What he said was get rid of Najib the Big Thief.

If Najib is not brought to justice, the Rule of Law has collapsed in the country.

Chew on that with your so-called flair for law.
Anti-Seling Lah

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