Sariffuddin: WSJ ‘unethical’, breaking all journalism rules

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What the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported was that Najib was not summoned to appear before the  parliamentary Public Accounts Committee (PAC). That’s true.

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) met with Najib but merely to collect his statement. He was not interviewed or interrogated.

WSJ was reporting about Najib not being interviewed and/or interrogated, not about having a statement taken. The statement on USD681 million being a political donation and USD620 million of it being returned means nothing. There’s no evidence and proof on the money being returned.

There’s no evidence and proof on what Najib did with USD61 million of the USD681 million.

The only thing that matters was that the USD681 million was in Najib’s account and now it’s no longer there.

Likewise, when Najib was busy spending the RM42 million from SRC International in his account, “he thought that it was part of the USD681 million”.

So, the Attorney General cleared Najib, just based on his word. This means other criminals can also be cleared based on just their word, denying wrongdoing and stating that they didn’t mean to do wrong etc.

There’s no evidence and proof that Najib returned the RM42 million to SRC International. The AG himself didn’t bother to check. That creates a dangerous precedent.

The fact is that the RM42 million came into Najib’s account after the USD620 million was “returned”.  So, how could Najib think that the RM42 million was part of the USD681 million?


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