Sariffuddin: Mahathir should name next PM

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The speculation will continue on the former Prime Minister “motives” in seeking to remove Najib Abdul Razak as Prime Minister unless he names the new Prime Minister.

PRESS STATEMENT I think that a much faster way of stopping all “speculation” was for former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad to publicly state his choice as the next Prime Minister. His consistent failure to answer this one simple question betrays the truth i.e. the objective of his Anti Najib Campaign was to pave the way for his son.”

Looking at my recent comments in the context of the entire “episode”, I am confident that it will be clear that what I said was fair, without any malice, and represents my reading of the actions of former Kedah Menteri Besar Mukhriz Mahathir and his father.

I look forward to seeing Mukhriz and discussing this further in court. I am not disturbed by Mukhriz’s legal action against me.

It was “ironic” that Mukhriz had chosen to sue me.

It’s his father who always claimed that the law was being used to silence critics of the Prime Minister.

Unlike Mahathir, I hadn’t made any wild allegations.

My‎ opinions are fair comment based on actions by Mahathir, Mukhriz and Muhyiddin Yassin, who led the failed campaign to unseat the Prime Minister.

They were interested parties. I believe that they are motivated by ambition and desire for power.

Many think that Mahathir wants Muhyiddin to be his proxy Prime Minister, with Mukhriz as Deputy Prime Minister until he was ready to take over.

Mukhriz’ legal action against me shows that I had hit a (raw) nerve. It’s understandable that Mukhriz is emotionally distressed that for once his father has failed to get his way.


Tengku Sariffuddin

Press Secretary to the Prime Minister


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