Sarawakians feel mistreated after 53 years

Sarawakians feel mistreated after 53 years

“Sarawakians feel mistreated after 53 years. We do not want to renegotiate the Malaysia Agreement 1963 but we just want to IMPLEMENT what was agreed upon,” Dr Sim said in the Dewan Negara during debate on the Penal Code (Amendment) Act 2015. The text of his speech was released here…

Umno and PAS getting together will be the end of Sabah, Sarawak as Fixed Deposits, 3rd Force and King Makers.

That a-hole YTL did mention 2008 as a historical “window of opportunity” for the Borneo states. Unfortunately, the budaya CTCP BJCS PT continues.

It’s not good strategy for Sabah and Sarawak to keep harping on being King Makers and the 3rd Force in response to the Barisan Nasional (BN) treating them as electoral Fixed Deposit states.

The international law on self-determination does not favour Malaysia in Borneo.

Sabah and Sarawak are culturally distinct from Malaya which is too far away, their histories are different and the Borneo states are overwhelmingly non-Muslim and secular.

Adenan Satem keeps saying that Sarawak will not exit the Federation with Malaya and Sabah.

The international law on self-determination aside, there’s no reason for Sarawak to remain in the Federation. It’s Budget is consistently in surplus, it has RM27 billion in reserves and its security situation is excellent without Malaysia.

We haven’t even come to MA63 yet.

The Sarawak Government can resolve the matter of China claiming a large part of its oil and reserves. Putrajaya couldn’t be bothered because the east coast of Peninsular Malaya is not affected by Chinese claims.

It’s unlikely that Putrajaya will keep all the promises it made during the recent May 7 state election in Sarawak. Already, the BN Sarawak MPs are warning Putrajaya on the election promises.

In Sabah, the people have to solve several major issues viz. the Budget problem, the lack of significant reserves, illegal immigrants, illegals on the electoral rolls, illegals with MyKads, the Sabah claim, the presence of Umno in the state, the poor security situation and the Chinese claim to a large part of its oil and gas reserves.

Duterte going after the militants in the southern Philippines will send them fleeing to Sabah.


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