“Sabah Rights: Every Sabahan’s Responsibility – Datuk James Ligunjang”

Kota Kinabalu: “The submission of the position paper by the MYSABAH group does not represent any political party, individual or any segment of Sabah society but the interests of all Sabahans regardless of race, religion or ethnicity. MySabah is a group of concerned Sabahans who are non-partisan and apolitical” said Datuk James Ligunjang, Chief Administrator of MySabah’s Secretariat in response to recent newspaper headlines with regards to Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan’s involvement in MySabah.

As Chief Administrator of MySabah Secretariat, I wish to clarify the following:-

(1) MySabah was incepted 2 years ago by a group of concerned Sabahans amongst others politicians of various political divide, eminent retired government servants and professionals from the legal fraternity and other fields, who wish to contribute their ideas and knowledge in addressing some of the concerns expressed by the people of Sabah in particular the restoration of Sabah Rights, RCI Report and the Education system. The grouping is non-partisan and non-political.

(2) MySabah in addressing the various concerns of the people of Sabah, under the chairmanship of YB Dato’ Sri Anifah Aman has formed several sub-committees. They include the Revenue Rights sub-committee chaired by Dr. Jeffrey, the RCI sub-committee chaired by Tan Sri Simon Sipaun and Dr. Richard Barrow as chair of the Education sub-committee.

(3) MySabah is currently focusing itself on Sabah Rights as prescribed in Federal Constitution and the Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63) with special emphasis on Sabah’s 40% net revenue entitlement and other revenue rights under the Federal Constitution.

(4) MySabah wish to thank Dr. Jeffrey’s and other members of My Sabah who have contributed immensely towards the preparation of MySabah’s position paper on Sabah Rights to the Sabah government.Dr Jeffrey’s research which included Sabah’s 40% net revenue entitlement and revenue rights as enshrined in the Federal Constitution has been very beneficial to MySabah.

(5) MySabah is also thankful to the Sabah government for taking cognizance of MySabah’s position paper and has taken leadership to address our rights under MA63.

(6) It is the responsibility of every Sabahan to protect and pursue our rights and to work with the Authorities to achieve the same common goal for the benefit of the people of Sabah and our future generations.

(7) It is indefensible for any Sabahan or for the matter any political party not to work with the Authorities in furtherance to restore Sabah’s rights. There is nothing wrong for Sabahans to work together for our Sabah Rights. To refuse to do so means, they are merely playing politics. It is unfortunate that some sections of our society are politicizing Sabah rights.

MySabah’s aim is to promote Sabah’s Constitutional rights and interests within Malaysia for the benefit of future generations.

Datuk James said that “My Sabah appreciate the leadership of Dato Sri Anifah Aman and Datuk Dr Jeffrey G.Kitingan in pursuing the rights of Sabahans devoid of political motives for the benefit of the state and nation.
In this regard it is hoped that Sabahans should share a common ground and pursue Sabah Rights which should rise above politics.’

Datuk James Ligunjang
Chief Administrator
MYSABAH❤ Secretariat
07 March 2017

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