S4S to seek UN intervention on Referendum

Peter John Jaban

The 300,000 people, who signed a S4S Petition to the Sarawak Government to pass a Referendum Ordinance, should not vote for “monkeys” to sit in the state assembly. 

In setting the theme for S4S’s first election debate on Sunday in Kuching, we give a stark warning that Sarawak’s rights had not been safeguarded by the state government. The Sarawak Government did nothing to stop the erosion of the state’s rights inherited from the time of Rajah James Brooke and the British Government.

We do not want deaf, dumb and blind lawmakers doing nothing about the erosion of our rights.

The 300,000 people, who signed a S4S Petition to the Sarawak Government to pass a Referendum Ordinance, should not vote for “monkeys” to sit in the state assembly. We invited Chief Minister Adenan Satem to the Debate so that we could hand him the Petition.

He didn’t turn up. So, now, we will lodge the Petition with the UN. It’s seems that the 300,000 signatories, who represent the over three million people of Sarawak, are not important to Adenan.

The Federal Government too had been in non-compliance on the Malaysia Agreement 1963, an International Treaty and Trust Deed lodged with the UN Secretary-General.

Revisiting the alleged negligence by the Sarawak Government over the years since 1963, we can list oil and gas, other natural resources, and education as among rights taken away from Sarawakians. Our religious freedom was being tampered with.

The heads of Federal Departments in Sarawak are mostly Malayans although we have qualified people.

The Dayaks, the Orang Asal of Sarawak, were treated by the Federal Government as Lain-Lain (Others) in official documentation. During the rule of the Rajahs and later the British, the Dayak were listed as Dayak.

The Muslim Dayak, the Orang Laut, were referred to as Sarawak Malay.

It appears that the Dayak were being considered even in their homeland as not citizens of the Federation with Sabah and the peninsula.

We disagree with Sarawak Secretary Morshidi Abdul Ghani who advised Dayaks in the state last Thursday to cross out the Lain-Lain category on official documents and just fill in Dayak and, if necessary, their sub-ethnic category. They are telling us that they won’t do it. They are telling us that they are not going to do anything for us. They won’t recognize us. The power is in our hands to recognize ourselves.

It’s simple. They are teaching us. They want us to do it ourselves. So, the power is in our hands.


SarawakForSarawakians (S4S) Chief Peter John Jaban was addressing an 800-strong gathering at the Kenyalang Theatre in Kuching on Sunday. The panelists were made up of Sarawak Opposition Chief Baru Bian, PBDS Deputy President Patrick Anek Anak Uren, and Supp Pelawan Branch Secretary Michael Tiang.


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