Ride-sharing set to change face of public transportation

Ride-sharing is set to change public transportation in the country.

It’s not just rides from Airport to hotel and vice versa being really cheap.

Four ride-sharers staying in the same neighbourhood, for example, could get together and share a ride to their working places if they are within walking distance of each other.

It’s really cheap.

They can leave their cars at home and save on petrol and wear and tear and parking fees.

Perhaps, they can even sell their cars if DriveNow comes to the country. In DriveNow, the user drives the car. Google DriveNow. BMW in joint venture with a company.

Less cars on the road.

Less traffic jams.

Less pollution.

Taxi drivers should join ride-sharing services. If they can’t beat ride-sharing applications, they should sign up.

The gov’t will not protect taxi drivers. They are dinosaurs besides being crooks like politicians and Ministers.

The number of taxi drivers who are voters are insignificant compared with ride-sharers.

Nancy Shukri should put her face in the nearest toilet bowl. The Rule OF Law wins over Rule BY Law.

Rule BY Law is not law at all but dictatorship.

The people should declare war on taxi drivers by boycotting them.

If taxi drivers are not happy, they should leave the country.

The taxi drivers can follow the Sarawakians (and Sabahans) who are not happy with Malaya masquerading as Malaysia.

The taxi drivers can go back to Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Sulawesi, Java, Sumatra, Yemen, south China and Taiwan. (The last two for other KDK — keturunan darah Keling).

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