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Watch out for SIDS. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Usually, it’s because the heartbeat is too slow. In that case, he needs a monitor on his wrist.

In this case, the heartbeat is too fast at times. But if blue, can’t be because the heartbeat is too fast.

Oxygen level too low means too much CO2 in the blood. That’s bad for the brain. Especially too much CO2.

The lung needs to be monitored to ensure the brain is signalling it to breathe. One lung brings in the oxygen and the other takes out the CO2. There must be no infection in the lungs or water.

The lungs must breathe on their own, unaided by any artificial respirator. If there’s resort to an artificial respirator, the lungs will become dependent on them. The brain needs to signal the lungs to breathe on their own.

Being on an artificial respirator is how my mother went. She was 89. In her case, initially, it was shingles brought about by a low immune system, perhaps as a result of age. One Christmas she was fine, and two months later she was down with shingles. Six weeks later, she was gone.

Babies are stronger but need monitoring.

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