Politicians must be prevented from stealing public funds

It’s noteworthy that the great majority of politicians are virtually bankrupt once out of public office.

The theft of public money, used to fund the politics under the “Cash is King” and “Lu Tolong Gua, Gua Tolong Lu” programmes — besides the bangsa, agama, negara, Raja and Bumiputeraism mantra — adds to the National Debt Burden at the expense of future generation.

Parliament must, by law, fund the politics. Political donations should be banned.

By now, it should be evident, the M’sian Gov’t is not at all like the S’pore Gov’t.

The first is corrupt. The second is clean, efficient and trustworthy (bersih, cekap dan amanah).

Singapore is all about leadership by example (pimpinan melalui teladan).

The S’pore Gov’t emulated the Indian Gov’t, under the Congress Party, on management of the economy.

The M’sian Gov’t emulated the S’pore Gov’t and the Indian Gov’t.

The Congress emulated China and the USSR on the management of the economy. In the Indian version, they call it the Licence Raj.

New Delhi is dismantling the Licence Raj.

The Licence Raj replaced the British Raj (British rule). Not the whole of the Indian subcontinent was under British rule. Kerala, Kashmir and 500 small princely states were not part of British India.

I am coming to the establishment of SEDCs, GLCs, GLICs, private companies owned by the Finance Ministry and all of them investing overseas.

As seen from the Felda and Mara scandals, investing overseas is a way for politicians to steal public funds.

Ministry of Finance-owned private companies, like 1MDB, is another way to steal public funds. The US Department of Justice (DoJ) civil suit on USD3.5 billion 1MDB funds in a California Court refers.

America is the kiss of death. It’s embrace is poisonous. It’s ironic that while Obama was playing golf with Najib, it was at the same time working on the DoJ suit. Expect more DoJ suits against M’sia including against Mahathir and Taib.

There are three reasons for this:

(1) the US will not allow any individual to have too much money;

(2) to pressure M’sia to release Anwar. Washington wants regime change in M’sia.

Anwar’s release is expected to be done before GE14. The Federal Court will not listen to Najib to keep Anwar locked up;

(3) Washington finds Manila an untrustworthy partner because of Beijing and wants to shift its presence in the region to Sabah. Beijing is using its claim to 90 per cent of the South China Sea to pressure countries in the region.

Why did Manila, after winning a case against China at the International Court of Justice, suddenly start kissing its ass?

Expect M’sia next, under Najib, to start kissing China’s ass. Don’t be surprised if the gov’t starts selling even more assets to China. Soon, Beijing will own M’sia. It will become a de facto colony of China.

Washington will prevent this from happening.

Already, Malaysia wants to buy 10 military ships for RM3 billion from China. This won’t go down well in Washington.

Most of Malaysia’s oil and gas reserves in the South China Sea belongs to Sabah and Sarawak, not Putrajaya or Beijing.

China is all about diplomacy, India is all about praises at the community level, M’sia is all about collective amnesia, S’pore is not about criticism, and America is about criticism and taking a confrontionist approach.

It’s not possible to be friends with America for long.

Washington is no angel.

In fact, it’s probably the Great Satan, mentioned by the late Ayatollah Khomeini who launched the Iranian Revolution to save the vast landholdings of the Ayatollahs. The Shah of Iran wanted to confiscate these landholdings.

America is about using the USD, an international currency, to leach off the rest of the world. Even China, probably the world’s largest economy by now, has to kow tow to the almighty USD.

Washington keeps the dollar strong by using its military strength to underwrite it and international security.

The US gets into wars that it creates to demonstrate its military might while selling weapons to countries which in fact don’t need them.

It uses the fig leaf of human rights, regime change, moving against kleptocrats (heads of governments who steal public funds), returning sovereignty to the people and bringing democracy. All this to justify the wars which create chaos. In most cases, the reasons are true, except the US does not care whether they are true or otherwise.

Coming back to the SEDCs, GLCs, GLICs, and private companies owned by the Finance Ministry, the political parties should take a stand.

It’s difficult to prevent politicians from the ruling party stealing public funds.

The way forward is for Parliament to pass laws on the following:

(1) the Ministry of Finance must be prohibited from setting up private companies;

(2) politicians must not be appointed to the board of SEDCs, GLCs and GLICs;

(3) statutory bodies and universities must be prohibited from setting up private companies;

(4) the SEDCs, GLCs and GLICs must not compete with the private sector;

(3) the SEDCs, GLCs and GLICs must have definite time-frames for corporatisation, management buy-outs, privatisation and listing on the stock market;

(4) the gov’t must not embark on the establishment of new SEDCs, GLCs and GLICs;

(5) the gov’t must scrap all licences, quotas, concessions, permits, contracts and tenders, under the Bumiputera category, for Malays.

The Malays in Malaya are not Orang Asal. Article 160 on the definition of Malay refers. They have no business calling themselves Bumiputera.

We cannot be driven by collective amnesia on history.

It was the British who codied the term Malay from malai, a Tamil word for hill. Malay is an English word.

Malaya is an English word from Malay, another English word.

There’s no Malay race, as evident from Article 160, but only a Malay language as evident from Article 152.

The Tamil malai refers to the hill country origin of the Malay language in Cambodia.

Hindus and Buddhists from India used a Cambodian dialect, infused with Sanskrit and Pali (a Sanskrit dialect used by Buddhists) words, to create the Malay language as lingua franca for the Archipelago. Hence, the Archipelago was called Malay Archipelago, after a language, not after any race.

There’s no such thing as rumpun Melayu. That’s political bullshit driven by collective amnesia.

(6) gov’t procurements, tenders and contracts must not be issued for more than what it should cost the tax payer.

At present, gov’t procurements, contracts and tenders are going for double, triple, and even up to ten times what it should cost the tax payer.

The difference, which the World Bank calls “mispricing” (a euphemism), goes into the pockets of politicians;

(7) variation orders for gov’t procurements, contracts and tenders should be abolished.

The Mongoloids (yellow race) are descended from the Dravidians (archaic caucasoids) who entered south China and Taiwan from Afghanistan.

Another branch of the Dravidians in Afghanistan entered India.

The Dravidians from south India went to south China and Taiwan and mated with the Mongoloids (descended from Dravidians) there.

All the people of south China, Taiwan and south east Asia are descended from this mixture.

In short, the people of south China, Taiwan and south east Asia are KDK (keturunan darah Keling).

The people of India are descended from the Dravidians and the Dravidians in north India who went to Central Asia and mated with the wandering Mongoloids there and returned as Aryans (new whites) to India and Iran.

Three families in Central Asia entered Europe. All Europeans are descended from them. The Europeans were morons because of in-breeding until the advent of Christianity introduced surnames. Europe came of age with the Age of Renaissance.

Others in Central Asia made their way to the Americas as the Native Indians. These are considered Mongoloids.



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