Parti Warisan Sabah is not what Orang Asal need

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LETTER: Warisan must commit itself to MA63 and the other constitutional documents on Malaysia.

Three key points must be stressed: there’s no religion in Sabah and Sarawak; and non-Muslims must not be required to convert to Islam when they marry Muslims; in the case of date rape involving Muslims and non-Muslims, the matter must be brought to court and not settled through conversion by the backdoor.

The issue in Sabah is also the 600, 000 PTI with dubious MyKads and the many of them on the electoral rolls.

Suluk and Bajau are Filipinos.

Only Kadazan, Dusun and Murut are Orang Asal in Sabah.

The Murut in Sabah are not related to the Lun Bawang (Murut) in Sarawak.

The Lun Bawang (Murut) in Sarawak are related to the Lun Dayeh in Sabah. They are the same people.

The Lun Dayeh are one of the Dusunic groups in Sabah. Another is the Kadazan (urban Dusun).

Orang Asal is based on the right of first settlement in law.

The law only recognises Orang Asal as an ethnic group because of NCR land, Adat and NCR and Native Court.

The other ethnic groups don’t exist in law.

The Malays in Malaya are “defined” by Article 160. They are not Orang Asal.

Filling in your race in government forms is not law.

The Federal Constitution does not mention Tamil, Punjabi, Hindu, Sikh etc

Only Orang Asal need to mention their community in official forms. Others no need. For what?

Why mention Indian, for example, in forms?

They can’t claim temuda, pemakai menoa, pulau galau etc

Once an Indian, always an Indian. No matter where Indians go in the world, they will always remain Indian.

They must have their dhall, capati, curry etc

The only Indians in Malaysia who are no longer Indian are those who have become Orang Asal.

Then, they are more Orang Asal than the Orang Asal themselves.

Warisan wants to gamble on the odds and go solo.

If Shafie manages to pull it off, Mahathir will achieve his objective of stealing Sabah from the Orang Asal and handing it over to the PTI.
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