Organisational networking way forward in politics

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When Mahathir forms his new party, the pressure within Umno for Najib to leave will intensify.
COMMENT The more the number of political parties, the more efficient and more complete the organisation of the grassroots.

When parties come together, it can only be good for them and bad for those who don’t come together or who splinter and/or spawn breakaways.

Umno itself is the coming together of several hundred, if not thousands, of parties, associations, societies and clubs. That’s why it’s called United Malay National Organisation.

PBB is the coming togther of Bumiputera and Pesaka. Bumiputera itself is the merger of two small Malay parties.

The Dayaks became weak because PBDS broke away from Snap.

Then PBDS split into PRS and Malaysian Dayak Congress after PBDS was deregistered.

SPDP broke away from Snap.

Then Snap was deregistered.

Then came PBDS Baru.

The Orang Asal in Sabah became weak when Unko and Upko were dissolved.

Then PBS broke into Akar, Sapp, PBRS and PDS (later Upko).

If SakSaMa is to have any impact, it must bring together as many political parties, associations, societies, NGOs and clubs as possible.

Pakatan Rakyat was strong because it brought together Keadilan and Parti Rakyat to become PKR, DAP and PAS.

Then, Parti Rakyat returned as PSM but not in Pakatan Rakyat.

Pakatan Rakyat formed Pakatan Harapan with Amanah but left out PAS.

PAS is a breakaway from Umno. PAS has since splintered many times beginning with a party whose name I forgot, then Berjasa, and lately Amanah.

Semangat 46 split from Umno and returned. Ikatan split from Umno.

Perkasa is made up of ex-Umno members.

DAP is PAP of Singapore.

Umno Sabah is Usno and illegal immigrants in 12 state seats.

The bottomline is that no community would want to be represented by one political party.

So, the way forward is for political parties to come together.

USA is made of Star, PCS and Sapp but it’s weak because it excludes others in the Opposition.

Also, USA is a lousy name. No one will remember it.

When Mahathir forms his new political party, Umno will weaken seriously. When Mahathir’s party forms a new pact with Pakatan Harapan and PAS, the Opposition in Malaya will become incredibly strong.

Mahathir’s new party will take six to 16 of the Umno state seats in Sabah.

The Indians don’t have even one seat in Malaysia. But in 67 parliamentary seats in Malaya, they decide.

In Sabah, BN uses Indian voters in marginal seats to make a difference.

Orang Asli is used for the same purpose in Malaya.

When Mahathir forms his new party, the pressure within Umno for Najib to leave will intensify.

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