Opposition parties aligned with DAP will be strong

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LETTER: In Malaya, the Malays vote for BN, the Chinese vote for DAP and DAP allies, the Indians vote for Indians.

Mahathir himself said that Indians vote for Indians.

In 67 parliamentary seats in Malaya, Indians decide who wins.

After the emergence of Hindraf, many Malay voters turned against MIC.

MIC was blamed for Hindraf.

MIC leaders are elected by Orang Asli and Malay voters, not Indians. The number of Indian voters are not enough in these seats.

MCA and Gerakan leaders are elected by Malay voters.

PKR and Amanah are strong because they are allied with DAP.

PAS used to be strong for the same reason.

Mahathir decided to ally Bersatu with DAP to remove Umno’s “negotiating position” in politics. He’s going for 30 Umno seats. In fact, he needs only eight seats to help make a difference.

PAS allied with Umno will not help the former or the latter. Umno and PAS people are against each other.

PAS leaders are against Hadi. They are more interested in saving their 14 parliamentary seats. For that to happen, they must work with DAP and Amanah. That means that PAS leaders have to give Hadi the “Asri” treatment.

Asri was removed as PAS president for taking the party to join BN and subsequently losing Kelantan.

In Sabah and Sarawak, the opposition parties aligned with DAP will be strong.
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