Only Orang Asal are Bumiputera

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The Malays in the peninsula are not Orang Asal. They have no business calling themselves Bumiputera.

Read the definition of Malay in Article 160 of the Federal Constitution. This is about Muslim squatter colonies of illegal immigrants in Singapore and Malaya, squatting before Merdeka, on Orang Asli land seized by the British to create Malay reservations (tanah Melayu).

The Sarawak Malays (Orang Laut) are not covered by Article 160. It was the Brookes who called them Malay after the administrative term used by the British in Malaya for Muslims.

the Orang Asal, it’s actually about Adat and NCR.

NCR is customary law which has the force of law. This has been declared by the Federal Court.

NCR is also about property rights which is guaranteed by the Federal Constitution including under Article 5, the right to life.

By the way, I think the take below attributed to DAP is a fake, most probably put out by a shity mamak.

These are the same shitties shamelessly claiming credit for teh tarik, roti canai, rojak and cendol, all introduced to Malaya and Singapore by Malayalees from Kerala, southwest India.

The Malayalees also started the first Malay printing press in Singapore, the first Malay newspaper, Utusan Melayu and Utusan Malaysia, and created the concept of Malay nationalism based on Islam and the Malay language.

They also gave Singapore two Presidents viz. Yusuf Ishak and Devan Nair.

They also gave Mahathir Mohamad to Malaysia.

Without Mahathir, the Bugis, Javanese, Minang, Aceh, Ahrab whatever in Melayustan in Orang Asli country would have to flee to wherever they came from.

Only the mamaks and Kakas (Malayalee Muslims) would survive.

By the way, Tony Fernandes is not Malayalee. He’s Goanese. The Malayalees chased the Portuguese out of Kerala. They fled to Goa from where they took Malacca.

Ironically, it was Malayalee mercenaries who helped the Portuguese in Goa to take Malacca.

Many Gragos (Malacca Portuguese) in Malacca are in fact descended from the Malayalees in Malacca. Of course, they claim to be descended from the Portuguese in Malacca and Portugal. The Portuguese in Portugal never heard of the Grago.

The Grago should check their DNA instead of being driven by collective amnesia.

Ironically, the Grago in Malacca have also been recognised as Bumiputera. This has led to many Anglo-Indians in Malaya claiming to be Grago.
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