No point autonomy without revenue

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Look up colonialism.

International law has criminalised colonialism. Human rights is the basis of international law.

Basically, how much revenue is Putrajaya taking from Sabah and Sarawak? How much do these two states get back?

Is the relationship criminally exploitative?

Sabah and Sarawak can only get back less than what they give to Putrajaya if they are developed states. In this case, they are the poorest in the Federation.

How much revenue does Putrajaya get from the most developed states in the Federation like Selangor, Penang, KL, Malacca and Johor?

How does this compare with what Putrajaya is taking from Sabah and Sarawak?

If Borneo asks the Federal Gov’t to take less and give back more, it will never agree.

So, two things can be done:

(1) close down the oil and gasfields and keep them for future generations;

(2) push for local elections and all taxation to be at the local level.

Pushing for taxation at the local level is more important than Sabah and Sarawak being equal partners of Malaya in the Federation; the return of autonomy or Borneo leaving Malaysia.

Putrajaya is happy about the debate on MA63. It camouflages more important issues like local elections and local taxes.

Once local government collects taxes, the Federal Government and Sabah, Sarawak Governments should not collect taxes.

All development is in fact at the local level. So, it’s only proper that local communities decide on development plans and only local government collects taxes.

Local government taxes will be more if the Federal Gov’t and state gov’t don’t collect taxes.

The local governments can give a portion of their taxes collected to the state gov’t.

The state gov’t can give a portion of the taxes it receives from local gov’ts to the Federal Gov’t.

There must be elections for local government.

There cannot be representation without elections.

DAP was pushing for the return of local elections, suspended in the wake of Indonesia’s konfrontasi.

There must be local government elections.

There cannot be representation without elections.

No point autonomy without revenue.

The racist PAS and the racist Umno are against the return of local elections on the grounds that the Chinese will be controlling the urban areas.

Actually, that’s not true.

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