No one can escape karmic forces

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COMMENT The shameless TV3, which doesn’t hesitate to lie left and right, carried a cartoon series on Monday night on dosa and pahala.

This refers to the afterlife which doesn’t exist. Only God exists.

There’s no reason for the ego, the individual, to exist in the afterlife. The ego and the individual, as evident from the manifestation in the illusions in this life, does not extend beyond death. The manifestation continues with the next generation.

The energy itself that survives death continues but not in the form of the ego, the individual. Energy cannot be created, nor destroyed but only transferred and transformed. Anything that has a beginning will have an end. Energy has no beginning and no end.

Every energy transfer or transformation increases the randomness (chaos) of the universe. Stephen Hawking discovered that the only predictable property of the universe is chaos.

Illusions have a beginning. So, they will have an end. Karmic forces have a beginning. So, they will have an end. If they don’t have an end with the individual, they will have an end with the next generation or the generations to come.

Sin is only in this life and no matter what one does, it’s not carried forward after death but left behind with one’s next generation.

Jesus said: “The sins of the fathers will be visited on their children.”

In fact, I have watched this happen. No choice but accept the karmic forces, go through them and neutralise them.

I have read about people taking anything between 14 years and 41 years to overcome their karmic  forces. It’s a question of commitment (not giving up) to neutralise karma through acceptance.

There’s no such thing as the end once subject to karmic forces. MA63, for example, is an illusion that exists with a beginning. It will not come to an end except through independence.

Anwar, for example, won’t be incarcerated forever. He will be freed one day and then what? Will he be locked up again for the 4th time? The first time was under ISA.

How will those who locked him up face their karmic forces? They can’t say that they can get away scott-free. The karmic forces will visit them and their children.

Karma is neutral. It doesn’t discriminate. Good, bad, evil, ugly and beautiful are human perceptions.

The good and beautiful are the blessings of God in the absence of karmic forces.

Those who plunder the Public Treasury may escape with the help of the AG. But they won’t escape the karmic forces.

All creatures are driven by fear or greed.

Fear that its politics will collapse without money has driven Umno to extraordinary lengths of greed.

It was greed that did in the dinosaurs. They became so big, and so vociferous was their appetite, until the environment could no longer sustain them. The dinosaurs disappeared forever.

Likewise, Umno will disappear forever. GE14 won’t be a walk in the park. Those who vote for Umno would pay the price. The karmic forces would visit them and their children.

It’s the guilty conscience that kills. How can anyone with even an ounce of conscience and principles vote for Umno?

Mahathir has rightly described those who voted for Umno in Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar as utterly shameless creatures lacking in principles. Those who voted for PAS are also utterly shameless and lacking in principles.

They have to live with what they have done. They have to redeem themselves by getting rid of Najib to spare the nation and protect it.

The blessings of God will not be on us if we continue to be in cahoots with Najib.

The people and the generations to come will face life without God with them. They will be at the mercy of karmic forces.

Keep your conscience clear. It’s the guilty conscience that kills.

The Bible, the Word of God, is about the relationship between God and a people, between God and individuals and between individuals.

This is a relationship based on love.

Only God can forgive sins.

God will not forgive our sins if we don’t first forgive those who have transgressed against us and we don’t seek forgiveness from those against whom we have transgressed.

If we move on in sin, there can be no unity with God until the sins are forgiven, until our next generation and the generations to come have overcome the karmic forces.

Jesus has said that no one with sin can enter the gates of heaven.

The real religion, the true religion, is the next generation and the generations to overcome. Don’t allow your karmic forces to invade them and prevent your unity with God.

The Bible must be read with the Constitution.

The Constitution, like the Bible, is also about relationships.

The Constitution is about the relationship between the state and a people, between the state and individuals and between individuals.

This is a relationship based on punishment and compensation.

There are obligations, responsibilities and duties.

We have a responsibility to get rid of Najib for the sake of future generations.

The Bible too is about obligations, responsibilities and duties. For example, the 10 Commandments among others says that we must honour our father and mother.

A sin is before God.

A crime is before the state.

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