No court will interfere in the prerogative and discretionary powers of Management

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A company will not have time to look after everybody. 

That’s why delegation of power by superiors to subordinates, while accepting the responsibility for the latter’s mistakes and failures, is important. RM55 billion is missing from 1MDB. Najib is responsible for the missing funds.

Authority and jurisdiction come from above.

Power can only come from below.

Managers without power are worse than useless. While a company can appoint a GM and managers, it cannot help them to do their work or compel the workers to respect them.

Management is a form of service to the workers.

In serving their people, managers will gain their respect and obtain the mandate of power from them. Keep the doors open and give a hearing to all. Don’t badmouth anyone. Doesn’t comment if anyone sees you and complains about their superiors or managers complain about their subordinates.

Managers who complain about their people to their superiors will be quickly demonized by their workers.

Management is all about efficiency in getting work out of people in line with the vision, mission, objectives, and goals of the leadership.

Senior Managers work on strategies (i.e. how to win) in line with vision, mission, objectives and goal.

Middle Managers work on tactics for the strategies.

Line Managers work on activities in line with the tactics.

Leadership is all about being effective in delivering the goods in line with vision, mission, objectives, and goals.

Activities are no proof of results.

Mahathir is right. Najib is no leader. Mahathir should know. He was Prime Minister for 22 years and bulldozed through many things for the Malays in general and his group in particular, albeit at the expense of Malays and others.

The Board of Directors is the Supreme Policy-Making Body. However, it’s not Parliament. It cannot do anything that infringes the laws of the nation. 

Having said that, no court will interfere in the prerogative and discretionary powers of Management, unless abuse can be proven.
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