NGO wants laws updated to give MACC teeth

Taib used to leave the room and Jabu approved the applications from the family of his boss. That’s how Taib plundered Sarawak and became super duper rich.

MACC said that Taib followed government procedures (on how to steal legally?) and therefore no wrongdoing was done. No corruption case.

It’s not enough to have procedures. There must be procedural fairness.

In England, the Court looks at procedural fairness and considers merit in Judicial Review applications.

That’s Rule Of Law (laws rule).

In Malaysia, the Court takes a Rule BY Law approach, and does not consider the merits of an application. It looks only at procedures, and not whether there was procedural fairness.

That’s how the Herald lost the Allah case.

Rule BY Law (men rule) is not law at all. It’s dictatorship.


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