Najib’s mere denials ‘proof’ of his innocence

Mahathir Mohamad

If mere denials are enough to establish innocence, then no one would be prosecuted in this country.

It appears that the people are witnessing a clash between cash and Malay nationalism. Umno members and branch chiefs are imbued with the spirit of nationalism. They swear by nation, religion and country.

It’s a different story elsewhere. If Shahrir Abdul Samad can receive RM1 million from Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and Ahmad Maslan RM2 million, then others too would have received money from him. It’s unlikely that the Umno divisional chiefs and MPs didn’t receive any money.

Nazir, Najib’s brother, also admitted that he received USD7 million to hand out to the party machinery before GE 13 in 2013. Najib however claims that all allegations against him are untrue.

The Umno divisional chiefs see big benefits in shutting their mouths, and turning a deaf ear and being blind to what goes on around them. They are willing to pawn the nation and the country for cash.

All proof and evidence shown by the international media were dismissed by Najib’s supporters. Again, what can only be accepted by them are Najib’s mere denials.

It should be noted that Najib’s denials were not supported by any proof and evidence in rebuttal. It seems that this doesn’t matter to his supporters.

Najib’s denials were even enough for the Attorney General Mohd Apandi Ali to decide that there was no case against Najib to be brought to Court. In defence of Najib, all Umno divisional chiefs and MPs are dumb when they are not supporting him.

The position taken by Najib’s supporters was indeed extraordinary. It seems as if no crimes had taken place since the accused person can get away by mere denials.

If mere denials are enough to establish innocence, then no one would be prosecuted in this country. Najib’s denials had led Umno divisional chiefs and MPs to conclude that he had done no wrong.

Najib’s supporters have been quoted as saying in the mainstream media that all the allegations against Najib in the international media were untrue. It seems that only what Najib says is true, according to them. The list of the international media covering the allegations against Najib totals 53.

Apparently, according to Najib’s supporters, the international media have no other work but to make various allegations against Najib to blacken his image through various news reports, TV documentaries, all complete with pictures and documents.

It’s no use denying. Not only the people in Malaysia but the entire world knows. It’s really shameful that there are Malays who know no shame. They are willing to accept a leader despised by the entire world.

A Prince Abdul Aziz Al Saud reportedly gave USD 375 million to Najib and Apandi Ali claimed that USD620 million of the USD681 million donation that the Prime Minister received was sent back because it was not used. Again, there’s no proof of all these claims.


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