Najib spending beyond means with credit cards

Kadir Jasin

The question that arises was from where Najib got all this spending money as he was not born into wealth.

The latest from the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) is that when Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak was holidaying in Hawaii, he spent USD130,625 (RM522,500) at Chanel, Honolulu, on 22 December 2014. The money is enough to build two mosques in the kampung.

It’s known that Najib draws RM273,912 per annum as Prime Minister. This means that what he spent at Chanel was almost twice his annual salary.

Earlier, on 24 August 2014, Najib’s credit card was used in Sardinia, Italy, to spend Euro 750,000 (about RM3,2 million). That’s enough to sponsor 260 university students for their entire course.

The question that arises was from where Najib got all this spending money. He was not born into wealth.

I am not into fairy stories on Najib. It was yet another story in the WSJ on the billions in donation received by Najib, purportedly from an Arab.

The story of the Arab donor was even greater than Ali Baba or the Magical Lamp. Initially, the story of the donation was hidden. After that, it was said that an Arab donated the money. Then, the story involved many Arabs. The late Saudi King Raja Abdullah bin Abdulaziz A Saud, who passed away in January 2015, was finally named as the donor.

The Prime Minister’s Department even confirmed this story.

Najib’s supporters initially rubbished the ABC Programme on his mega scandals. There are those who said it was slander. Some said revenge. Others said it was crap.

Then, Najib’s supporters changed their tune when ABC telecast a 2011 letter ostensibly from a Prince Saud Abdulaziz Al-Saud. In the letter, Al-Saud said that he was the one who donated the money (USD681 million) to Najib because he was impressed with the latter’s promotion of Islam.

Najib had only been Prime Minister two years and yet there were already people impressed with him on his Islamic credentials. No one believes these stories because Najib and his people have changed them so often.

The bottomline is that no one has come forward to say that he’s Al-Saud. Not even one member of the Saudi Royal Family can be connected to the donation.

Those who are in business and know about international transfers and money laundering do not believe that the money which entered Najib’s personal banking accounts at AmBank Islamic banking services was a donation. They are more inclined to believe that it came from 1MDB and SRC International.

WSJ said that Najib received more than USD1 billion in his personal accounts.

Last December the Swiss Attorney General warned that more than USD4 billion (RM16 billion) was missing from 1MDB.


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