Najib lying about Citizens’ Declaration as Opposition call

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Mahathir Mohamad

PAS President Abdul Hadi Awang has accepted Cash is King Najib although the whole world knows the Prime Minister is a very corrupt person. 

BLOG I do not rule out the possibility that PAS may go through the motions of naming candidates for the two by-elections in June, and in the absence of third candidates, pull out to allow Barisan Nasional (BN) to win unopposed We should not be surprised if this happens. PAS President Abdul Hadi Awang has accepted Cash is King Najib although the whole world knows the Prime Minister is a very corrupt person.

It’s because of Hadi’s stand that PAS has splintered and continues to face divisions.

It’s important to defeat BN in Kuala Kangsar and Sungai Besar. Najib should not be allowed to win the two by-elections. Otherwise, he will claim that the people accept him as the Prime Minister.

He has already done that after the Sarawak state election on May 7. In fact, it was Adenan Satem who won the election, not Najib.

The coming parliamentary by-elections were between the people and Najib. It’s not a contest of parties.

That’s why it’s important to defeat Najib in the by-elections. BN losing would mean the victory of the people over the despotic Najib regime.

The people should support whoever stands against BN in the two by-elections. If more than one candidate represents the Opposition, the votes on their side would be split, allowing BN to win by default. PAS placing a candidate will also help BN if the people place another candidate to fight both the two parties.

Nevertheless, if PAS was serious about fighting BN in the by-elections, the people should give the Islamists the benefit of the doubt and vote for them. It’s true that should PAS win, it will just be a slave to BN which has much more MPs in Parliament.

The activities being organized to topple Najib was a people’s movement and not one monopolized by any political party. Once Najib was toppled, democracy will be restored and the respective political parties can once against pursue their agenda. The people can decide who they can support and who will lead the nation.

Najib was dismissing the move to topple him as one led by the Opposition. It’s not. This is a people’s movement.

The signatories of the Citizens’ Declaration are ordinary people, mostly not members of any political parties.

Najib was also trying to make it seem as if I had joined the Opposition although it was not true. He disregarded the fact that the Declaration was made not in the name of opposition political parties but in the name of the citizens of Malaysia.

I am in this movement as a citizen, not as a member of any party. I have not joined any party.

The citizens do not call for the overthrow of the government but only for Najib to be removed as Prime Minister. When Najib is expelled, BN will still continue to be in power. It can go on to choose a new Prime Minister.

The next Prime Minister will not be like Najib who indulges in corruption to win elections.


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