Muhyiddin needs to set up a new party soonest

Muhyiddin needs to set up a new party soonest Photo Credit: MMO

The Gabungan Rakyat SakSaMa’s doors remain open to Muhyiddin’s new party.

PRESS STATEMENT: We see no reason why sacked Umno Deputy President Muhyiddin Yassin should hesitate over the formation of a new political party and/or joining an existing one in the opposition. Muhyiddin has already declared that he will not appeal against his sacking, so the die has been cast, the Rubicon crossed, there’s no turning back for him.

Muhyiddin has passed the point of no return and should set up his own political party. If he joins an existing political party, there’s no guarantee that history would not repeat itself, and that he would be sacked again.

It’s better that Muhyiddin forms his own political party so that he would not be sacked again unless of course he sacks himself.

Muhyiddin would agree that politics was not about the players but the people and the future generations. Silence is no option for Muhyiddin. After all that has happened, he can no longer remain silent.

If he wants to remain silent, he should have done so from the beginning, and avoided the loss of his positions in Umno and the government.

If Muhyiddin forms his own political party he would be welcome to sign up with his Gabungan Rakyat SakSaMa (GRS) as a member. Unlike the Barisan Nasional (BN), his party only needs to get a simple majority to join GRS.

No party can be expelled from GRS without a consensus. In BN, it takes only a simple majority to expel a component member.

SakSaMa had been added to Gabungan Rakyat, the earlier name. SakSaMa means equality. The Malaysia Agreement 1963 calls for Sabah, Sarawak and Malaya as Equal Partners in the Federation of Malaysia.

SakSaMa also stands for Sarawak, Sabah and Malaya.

The former Umno leader himself had lamented many times in public that his old party had gone off on a tangent from its bangsa, agama, negara (people, religion, nation) ideology and instead degenerated into the derma (donation) mindset. If so, Muhyiddin should form a new political party which can dedicate itself to bangsa, agama, negara.

Former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad had disclosed that Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak had tried to convince him that “Cash is King” in politics to defend his “derma” approach in politics and allegedly buying support. Mahathir has also consistently stressed that Umno was now all about Najib, it was now Parti Najib, and it was no longer about the people.

These are additional reasons why Muhyiddin should not be left without a new political party.

“Cash is King” but only in business as stressed during a recent talk by AirAsia Chief Tony Fernandes to University Putra Malaysia (UPM) students. Politics is about serving the nation, not using it as an excuse to make hay while the sun shines.


Phillip Among

President, Malaysia United People’s Party (MUPP), Kota Kinabalu

Pro-Tem Chairman, Gabungan Rakyat SakSaMa (GRS), Kota Kinabalu


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