Muddying waters no way forward for Borneo

Rhetoric and polemics are not the way. Some people are trying to muddy the waters to prevent a resolution of issues.

If there’s a beginning, there must be an end. Only God has no beginning and no end.

Political issues must be settled politically, not in a court of law. The independence of India and the decolonisation of countries were not taken to a court of law. They were separate from legislation on independence and decolonisation.

Having said that, Malaysia has no legitimacy in Borneo. The present situation was not the Intention of the Founding Fathers in Borneo. The people have lost their sovereignty to a handful of crooks in Putrajaya. They are entitled, under international law, to self-determination.

International law is based on human rights.

By the principles of self-determination, Malaya and Borneo cannot be together.

Also, the UN’s take on internal colonisation refers. That’s borne out by international law.

It’s the Court of Public Opinion and the support at the ballot box that would eventually decide. There will be politicisation of issues.

There must be closure. A controversy, once generated, would not go away.

The purpose of all politics is the restructuring of the distribution of power and the restructuring of the allocation of resources.

Colonisation has been declared a crime under international law.

Politics is also all about what the people believe.

Sabah will be haunted by the two Motions passed unanimously by the Sarawak Assembly.

Sarawak will end its Federation with Malaya and Sabah sooner rather than later.

Sabah will follow suit.
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