Much work lies ahead to regain sovereignty

After entering in a political alliance with DAP, former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad has apparently reconciled with Anwar Ibrahim, his former heir-apparent turned mortal foe. As former Deputy Prime Minister Musa Hitam once recalled someone saying: “There are no permanent friends and no permanent enemies in politics, only permanent interests (some would say with an eye on interest piling up at the bank).”
Whatever we say about Anwar, the fact remains that many people believe him, even when he’s bullshitting left, right and centre. However, unlike Mahathir, Anwar has a tendency to get carried away by his own bullshit. As a result, he had to pay a heavy price viz. three stints in jail so far including the first time under the ISA.
If Mahathir was the sort of person who gets carried away by his own bullshit, he won’t embrace Lim Kit Siang, and he won’t go out on a limb to turn up in Court to shake Anwar’s hand in a gesture of reconciliation.
No one must think that I support Mahathir.
I don’t support Mahathir. I have never supported him.
My reasons are well-known.
It’s an open secret that Mahathir did away with the Doctrine of Separation of Powers when he virtually reduced Parliament into a rubber stamp and turned the Judiciary into yet another government department and packed with almost all Malay judges who live in fear of going to hell.
He also packed the civil service with Malays, to the extent of 90 per cent. As revealed by Penang Chief Minister II P. Ramasamy in a study, it was Mahathir who encouraged the civil service to throw away applications from non-Malays.
He compromised the division of powers in a Federation between the Federal, State and Local Governments.
He reduced the Ministers to Menteri Jalan Jalan and transferred all effective power to the Prime Minister’s Department in general and the Prime Minister’s Office in particular. The PM”s Dept has become a hyperministry with 50,000 staff and a huge budget in billions including slush funds.
Mahathir took Umno to Sabah, dismantled PBS and the government it headed, gave 600,000 ICs by the back door to illegal immigrants in the state, and packed the electoral rolls with these people after creating an additional 12 state seats for Umno, with the others having none.
Today, Mahathir is bleating about the absence of Rule of Law in the country. He referred to the NSC Act. He should remember that he violated the Federal Constitution when he gave out ICs by the backdoor.
Under our system, the Federal Constitution is supreme, not Parliament as Harris Salleh likes to claim.
The Federal Constitution is based on Rule of Law.
That has been compromised by the National Security Council Act (NSC Act).
The government in Putrajaya has no legitimacy. It never had legitimacy in Borneo, being in non-compliance on the Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63).
The people have lost their sovereignty to a handful of crooks in power.
The people in Borneo need self-determination to end colonization and regain their sovereignty.
The people in Malaya need to end their internal colonization and regain their sovereignty. The fact that there has been no change of the ruling party since 1957 is the clearest indication that the people have lost their sovereignty. When it’s not possible to change the ruling party through elections, it means loss of sovereignty. It was loss of sovereignty that led to the Iraq War. It was loss of sovereignty that led to civil war in Syria.
It was loss of sovereignty that led to the Arab Spring movements which toppled the governments in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya.
It was loss of sovereignty that led earlier to the people’s movements in the Philippines and Indonesia to overthrow Marcos and Suharto.
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