M’sia’s future uncertain given culture of corruption

Mahathir Mohamad


Even before getting into power, the envy, and corruption of power was already evident among youths.

BLOG There’s no difference between bribery and withholding grants. The purpose was the same i.e. to either win support or stop criticism of the leadership.

Youth leader, Khairul Azwan Harun, urged the government to stop the payment of all staff salaries, and all financial grants or transfer of assets to the Perdana Leadership Foundation with which I am linked.

It’s tragic that the suggestion was coming from a youth leader who was among those who will inherit the leadership of the government someday. Even before getting into power, the envy, and the corruption of power was already evident.

The people now know that when youths like Khairul and his group get into power, the country will see the government using bribery and confiscations as the way to retain power. This is clear because the youths of today support Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak whom the entire world is keeping at a distance for abuse of power, corruption and wrongdoing

He has brought down the dignity of the nation.

It would not be too far-fetched to hazard a guess on what kind of a government the people will have when the youths who now support Najib take their turn and assume the leadership of the nation.

I personally would not feel any loss no matter what happens to the Perdana Leadership Foundation. I am used to being without any benefits. I keep things simple.

I am only thinking of what’s going to become of this country where corruption is rife and where many look up to those who practice such a culture. They, like the leaders, even defend corruption to remain in power.


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