M’sia should get rid of Umno-imposed ‘caste’ system

Someone msg me that Kamala Hasan is a Tamil Brahmin.

The Brahmins have been conning the people of India for centuries. V. S. Naipaul, a Brahmin himself, admitted in one of his books that the Brahmins were frauds.

Naipaul is from Trinidad but stays in England. His family came from the border region between Madya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh.

He pointed out that Brahmins who crossed the seas were immediately considered outcastes (pariahs).

However, in Trinidad, his family were treated as Brahmins and apparently carried on the fraud.

Naipaul, now Sir, has been hailed by Time Magazine as “the greatest living writer in the English language”.

His father was a newspaperman.

Naipaul has won the Nobel Prize in literature, not for any particular book like in the case of other laureates, but for a lifetime of work.

He told me once in KL that it takes two years for him to write a book. At that time, he wrote in hand, in yellow legal paper.

I suspect that he only met me because I had a Spanish surname. He told me that there were many people in Trinidad with Spanish surnames.

Of course, he didn’t ask me stupid questions like whether I was Spanish. He could tell straight away I was Malayalee.

He mentioned Kerala and I corrected him that I was not from there. He said, “but your parents . . .”

I reminded him: “I thought we were talking about myself?”

He said: “That’s true.”

The Sri Lanka High Commissioner also mentioned Kerala to me just like Naipaul and got the same response.

He said that many people in Sri Lanka have Spanish surnames too. But I believe their surnames are Portuguese like in Goa.

I don’t think they have Fernandez in Sri Lanka but Fernando.

Of course, in M’sia we also have the evil “caste” system imposed by the “Brahmins” in Umno.

The “Brahmins” in PAS also believe in the “caste” system.
Anti-caste system

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