M’sia must withdraw support for Saudi position on Syria

The western media coverage of so-called Islamic terrorism is just plain bullshit.

M’sia is happy to embrace the western media bullshit for self-serving reasons on the domestic front. POTA, Sosma, Sedition Act, MCMC Act and NCC Act refers.

In fact, there may be no Islamic terrorism at all despite sporadic and isolated acts of violence here and there as reported by CNN and other “entertainment” networks.

The overwhelming majority of Muslims in the West are peaceful and do not wish to continue being marginalised by the system and/or stigmatised by the media in the West.

We cannot rule out intelligence services in the West and Israel being behind these so-called terrorist acts by Islamists.

They may be tapping into latent hatreds.

It’s a fact that Washington in particular has been propping up repressive regimes in the Middle East. These included Mubarak in Egypt, Saddam Hussein in Iraq, the Shah of Iran and the Saudi regime.

911 was the response of Saudi Arabia to Washington placing over 100, 000 troops in Saudi Arabia in the wake of Saddam’s occupation of Kuwait.

Saddam occupied Kuwait, formerly a part of Iraq, when the Emirate demanded repayment for loans taken to fund a seven year war with Iraq. Iraq responded the war with Iran was launched to defend Arab countries against that country.

The seven year war was encouraged by Washington which was sore over the fall of the Shah of Iran as their chief puppet in West Asia.

After 911, Washington withdrew its troops from Saudi Arabia, but attacked Afghanistan, Iraq and later Libya and Syria to turn the Middle East into a killing field. The UN just lapped up Washington’s bullshit and watched in silence.

Washington thinks this will keep the West and Israel safe from so-called Islamic terrorism.

Saudi Arabia, Washington’s ally, is funding madrasahs in Pakistan to turn out cannon fodder for the killing fields. Why are the Pakistanis being so naive on what’s going on in the western intelligence community?

The people in many countries in the Middle East and North Africa have lost their sovereignty to a handful of crooks in power.

This is a matter for the UN.

The people in the Middle East should not use loss of sovereignty as a reason to engage in terrorist acts or engage in civil war.

This is what’s happening in Syria.

Saudi Arabia, where people have lost their sovereignty, Washington and the West are backing the so-called rebels to fight the Assad Regime. This a heinous crime against humanity.

Russia, Iran, Hezzbollah and China are backing Assad as the legitimate government of Syria.

Malaysia must withdraw support for the Saudi position on Syria. Egypt has done so despite the threat of economic sanctions by Riyadh.

The loss of sovereignty was the reason that Washington used, when it became apparent there were no weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), to launch the Iraq War.

It’s high time to call the western bluff on the Middle East.

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