MARA will be around, with or without Umno

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Umno is leading Malays to their doom and destroying the country, they will be liberated without the party.

PRESS STATEMENT Umno is leading Malays to their doom and destroying the country. Without Umno, Malays will be liberated.

MARA does not need Umno either.

Many are upset that Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak had claimed in a speech, marking MARA’s 50th anniversary speech, that the educational foundation would cease to exist without Umno. The Prime Minister should not equate MARA’s survival with Umno’s existence.

Something as fundamental as education should be a given. A government fails badly if it cannot even provide for students to study.

With or without Umno, MARA will still be there. The Prime Minister should know that funding for MARA comes from the taxpayers, which also includes the 52 per cent who supported the Opposition.

If Najib truly believes that only Umno can ensure the survival of MARA, try surviving on Umno taxpayers’ money alone.

Umno and Barisan Nasional (BN) have been bogged down by scandal after scandal. This cannot be a good example for future leaders. By politicizing his speech at an educational facility, the Prime Minister has really stooped too low this time.

MARA’s success is the rakyat’s success, not the Prime Minister’s nor Umno’s. He’s childish to claim credit for something that rightfully belongs to the general public.

If anything, the Prime Minister should make sure that his Education Minister does his job well and implement policies that benefit the rakyat. Instead of always politicking and lobbying for support for an ailing Umno, the Prime Minister should just focus on good governance.


Zuraida Kamaruddin

Ampang MP and PKR Wanita Chief


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