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We are happy to announce that Malaysiakini won its case against a defamation suit filed by gold mine company Raub Australian Gold Mining (RAGM). High Court judge Rosnaini Saub dismissed the company’s claim against Malaysiakini and three other defendants who are members of the editorial team. Justice Rosnaini said the defendants had succeeded in their defence of qualified privilege – the Reynolds privilege, which is responsible journalism and reportage. “Malice was also not proven. On these grounds, the plaintiff’s claim against the defendants ought to be dismissed.” She also ordered RAGM to pay costs of RM50,000 to the defendants. A big thanks to our lawyers James Kong and Syahredzan Johan, as well as Malik Imtiaz. Currently, Malaysiakini has three other defamation cases outstanding.
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Mobile App

Accordingly to Google Analytics, Malaysiakini currently reaches 1.5 million users via computers and 3.6 million on mobile phones. To cater for our growing mobile users, Malaysiakini will launch a mobile app for Android devices in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for the announcement.

MalaysiaKini Android App Coming Soon

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Live Coverage

KiniTV had live coverage during the Sarawak elections night. Expect more live coverage during the upcoming double by-elections.

KiniTV Live Coverage

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Premesh Chandran,
CEO Malaysiakini
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