Mahathir should be purged from politics

LETTER: re 700, 000 Chinese nationals in Iskandar Malaysia, Mahathir just made a political statement to stress a point. Politics is all about what people believe.

Mahathir is not a racist.

He’s a political animal who is the ultimate opportunist and bulldozer.

He launched Projek IC Mahathir in Sabah to steal the country from the Orang Asal and hand it over to illegal immigrants.

He’s continuing his scam through the so-called Parti Warisan Sabah.

His personal philosophy is to do things, even bad, because it can be done. No feelings. No principles. No ethics. No moral values. No empathy. Sheer Evil!

Mahathir should be purged from the country’s politics.
Anti-Mahathir but not Anti-Malayalee

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