Mahathir, Anwar dictating to Warisan in Sabah

LETTER: Shafie Apdal wants to reach out to Jeffrey Kitingan despite the Orang Asal in Warisan badmouthing the latter.

Mahathir and Anwar Ibrahim told the Orang Asal in Warisan to badmouth JK. They were told to simply cook up things against JK.

So, Shafie’s hands are tied.

Both Mahathir and Anwar also told Shafie to kill JK and the Sabah rights activists. They want to kill the Sabah IC idea, among others, and save the PTI.

That’s why Shafie does not talk about the Sabah IC, MA63, Sabah rights, devolution and autonomy.

Mahathir asked Shafie: “Even Anwar could not control JK. So, how can you control JK? Kill him!”

Najib wants devolution.

Mahathir and Anwar want no devolution and of course autonomy is out.

It will be difficult for Warisan to kill JK and the Sabah rights activists.

The Orang Asal and Chinese would not vote for Warisan and PKR.

PKR will lose all the state seats it won in 2013. PKR is seen by the Orang Asal and the Chinese as a useless Malay party from Malaya.

Warisan is seen by the Orang Asal and the Chinese as a PTI party.

That’s why Bumburing has rejected the invitation by Warisan. He knows the Orang Asal will kill him if he works with Warisan.

The Chinese will vote for DAP and USA.

The Orang Asal votes are for USA.

PBS, Upko and PBRS are expected to be wiped out even in the 13 new state seats.

SakSaMa may work with DAP but is having second thoughts about working with PKR because the sentiment in Sabah is against Anwar Ibrahim and PKR.

JK told SakSaMa that PRU14 in 2018 will be his last. He won’t take part in PRU15 in 2023.

In that case, SakSaMa asked JK, “who is going to continue the struggle for Sabah rights?”

“We, the Gen Y, are the only ones who can continue your struggle!” said SakSaMa.

JK agreed.

In that case, SakSaMa asked JK: “Why are you badmouthing us just because the Orang Asal in Warisan are badmouthing you?”

JK kept quiet and looked down.

SakSaMa is at a crossroads for 2018.

It wants to focus on PRU15 in 2023.

re PRU14 in 2018, it will depend on how the opposition parties work together.

Lajim is likely to focus on killing Warisan, not Umno. It was Najib who told Lajim to leave Umno and form a party to kill Shafie Apdal.

YTL won’t win any Chinese seat. It will be zero as in 2013. The Chinese are against YTL.

Sapp is in USA to see how much money it can collect for itself from “sponsors”.

The Orang Asal frogs in Warisan are seen as traitors and will be wiped out in PRU14.
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