Let the past go, move into the future

LETTER: A shadow forms when the light is blocked.

A shadow is an illusion.

Light is not an illusion. It’s Energy which cannot be created, nor destroyed, but only transferred and/or transformed.

The universe is an illusion beginning with the transformation of non-matter, i.e. energy, into matter as mass.

Energy is the manifestation/reflection of God, unalive just like DNA.

God exists and has always existed. If there’s a beginning, there’s an end. God has no beginning and no end. That means God is unalive, like DNA.

God doesn’t interfere in human lives. When you are in a sin-free state, you automatically come into the Grace of God and miracles happen.

There’s no such thing as God’s laws, divine laws and perfect laws (a reference to God).

Mother Nature is the Will of God at work.

We accept that one can talk to God. It’s called praying.

If you claim that God talks to you, science holds that you are mentally ill.

Religion distorts man as a spiritual being by physically traumatising the spiritual centre in the brain and unbalancing the chemicals. Then, you are said to be possessed by demons. It’s actually mental illness.

Islamic terrorists, for example, are mentally ill.

Christianity is not a religion but man as a spiritual being.

Read the Bible, the Word of God. The Word here doesn’t mean that it’s actually the Word of God, but a simple way of explaining the nature of the relationship between God and man.

Like the Constitution, the Bible is about relationships i.e. the relationship between God and a people (based on love), between God and individuals (praying) and between individuals (forgiveness of sins).

Only God can forgive sins.

However, God will not forgive sins, indeed cannot forgive sins, unless we forgive those who have transgressed against us, and we seek forgiveness from those against whom we have transgressed.

The future does not exist but will get here sooner or later.

What matters is the here and now. The future is being made today through what we think, feel and do. Cross the bridge when you come to it.

Having said that, karma is neutral. It’s human perceptions that see it as good, bad, ugly, beautiful or evil.

Neutralise karma by accepting it, but not dignifying it. Then, the karmic forces become about other people, not us.

Look for the silver lining in the clouds.

Accept everything that happens as a blessing in disguise.

Be thankful and grateful so that you have even more reasons tomorrow to be thankful and grateful.

Let the past go so that you can move on to the future. Make the best of a bad job.

Only the Truth matters. Jesus said that “you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free”.

What this means is that the Truth can materialise because it’s creative. There’s Energy at work.

Once the Truth is realised it will manifest itself. The Truth will be reflected in what happens.

For example, Putrajaya has no legitimacy in Borneo.

That’s the Truth.

The people of Borneo have lost their sovereignty to a handful of crooks in Putrajaya.

That’s the Truth.

The Truth will manifest itself. It will materialise because it’s creative. There’s Energy at work.

The way forward is for the people of Borneo to declare that they want to stand on their own two feet.

They need to tell Malaya, “you go your way, we go our way”.

Borneo and Malaya are too far away from each other, across a vast body of water, the South China Sea.

Their histories, politics, peoples’, culture, customs and traditions are different.

Borneo is about the Orang Asal, about Adat and NCR.

Malaya is about outsiders reducing the Orang Asli to their present plight as landless people.
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