Keeping terrorism in perspective

Terrorism must be kept in perspective lest we get bogged down unnecessarily by the phenomenon.

Two aspects must be considered.

Firstly, in Malaysia for example, 50, 000 people die on the roads every year. Besides that, thousands die every year of cancer, heart attacks, strokes, kidney failures and other conditions.

Even if IS runs amok in Malaysia, how many people can they kill? Very few. Even in Paris and Brussels, they could only manage to kill less than 30 people.

In any case, IS is not likely to target Malaysia because the morons are in charge, driving away the brightest and best.

What the terrorists want is simple. Since the majority of the people are morons, they feel that society must be led by morons, not the brightest and best.

In the US and the West, it’s the brightest and best which leads the way for all. The terrorists are not happy with this. They feel it’s undemocratic. They want the brightest and best to keep out of the way and society led by the morons.

Deja Vu!

In Malaysia, the morons are already in charge. They have already driven away the majority of the brightest and best.

So, there’s no reason for IS as fellow morons to attack Malaysia.

For example, the Swiss AG said that USD4 billion was missing from 1MDB. The government didn’t bat an eyelid. Kerajaan buat tak tahu.

The majority of the people, being morons, had nothing to say. The leaders, being morons themselves, were happy. They were not so happy however with the brightest and best going to town with the issue and harping on it day and night.

As if that was not enough, complain the morons, many  countries led by the brightest and best are investigating the allegations against the moronic leaders.

The moronic leaders feel that they won’t be safe until the whole world is led by their kind i.e. morons. So, they root for IS and advocate emulating the terrorists to make the world a safer and better place for morons and their leaders, also morons.


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