Jesus was crucified, died, and was buried

My sister-in-law’s husband turned to me during lunch and said: “You know! Jesus didn’t really die on the cross. He was taken down from the cross after four hours, still alive, and hidden away. He appeared in public after three days and then, after that, he fled to India where died of old age.”

I said: “Obviously, you were there when they took Jesus down from the cross.”

He said: “It’s not bullshit.”

I said: “My standard answer is that even if the bullshit was true, we shouldn’t believe it.”

He asked: “If it’s bullshit, how can it be true?”

I said: “That’s precisely my point.”

Jesus never fled to India and I can prove it.

If Jesus did flee to India — Kashmir I believe — he would have preached there as well. There would be people in that part of India practising what he preached. There’s none. That proves that Jesus never fled to India.

Jesus died on the cross, died and was buried, and on the third day he rose from the dead. He was buried in a cave and not a grave.

Rising from the dead after three days isn’t unusual. Many people have died and come back to life.

Between life and death, the Jews believe, is a half-way stage where no pulse can be detected but it’s there. Any good doctor will tell you that.

In science, it’s called the Lazarus Effect. Lazarus, whom Jesus brought back to life, was already dead four days.

There are also cases where the bodies of people who died never decomposed.

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