Jeffrey set to be parliamentary Opposition Leader

Jeffrey set to be parliamentary Opposition Leader

I have been looking into the crystal ball.

Jeffrey Kitingan is set to be parliamentary Opposition Leader in 2018 as Keningau MP.

In fact, he might be the only Opposition left in Malaysia.

There won’t be any Opposition in Malaya and Sarawak after 2018. Adenan will defect to Mahathir’s Barisan Rakyat (BR) coalition.

If PAS wins any MP seat, then it might challenge Jeffrey for the post of parliamentary Opposition Leader.

PAS is likely to lose Kelantan in 2018 and be wiped out outside that state and Terengganu. Umno will not share seats with PAS in 2018 despite Hadi Awang carrying Najib’s balls and looking the other way on his mega global financial scandals. Hadi claims that corruption is not a sin in Islam.

Instead, Hadi is pushing for hudud, although Jesus abandoned the barbaric practice. If hudud is from God and God’s Law, as Hadi claims, Jesus would not abandon it.

Mahathir’s objectives are clear:

(1) wipe out the Opposition;

(2) avoid going to jail; and

(3) save Umno.

Mahathir hopes to do all the above since the Opposition except PAS and JK is with him. No point talking about the local opposition parties in Sarawak.

If Mahathir can take away a third of Umno’s MP seats, he will strip it of negotiating power.

In that case, the Umno MPs will defect to him as Pribumi will become the new Umno.

Umno MPs are not used to being in the Opposition. So, they will defect to Mahathir. Besides, if they don’t defect, they will be counting the bars like Najib.

After 2018, it will be 2048 before a strong Opposition emerges again in the country.

There was a strong Opposition in the country in 1969. The declaration of emergency by Najib’s father, the suspension of democracy, Parliament and elections in Borneo set the clock back.

The formation of Barisan Nasional (BN) destroyed the Opposition. Gerakan, PPP and PAS defected to BN.

It was not until 2008, 39 years later, that a strong Opposition emerged.

So, after 2018, it will take another 40 years before we see another strong Opposition emerge in the country.

We don’t know where SakSaMa and Hindraf Makkal Sakthi stands in all this.

The bottomline: vote only for DAP and PKR, besides JK, to save the Opposition in this country.

Don’t vote for the others.

Let them become the new Opposition or let DAP/PKR/JK remain the Opposition.

SakSaMa and Hindraf should decide on 2018.

Chinaman is not bothered. They know that they can buy the Melayu at a loss and sell them at a profit. Mahathir did say once that even if the country came under military rule, the Generals will be in the Chinaman’s pocket. Cash is King.
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