It’s tiring repeating the same thing

I don’t know how many times I have to repeat this.

In Malaya, all Malays are Muslim but not all Muslims are Malays.

It was the British who codified the term Malay.

Article 160 of the Federal Constitution defines a Malay as a Muslim, speaking Malay, and born in Singapore or Malaya before Merdeka, or a Muslim, speaking Malay, and domiciled in Singapore or Malaya before Merdeka; or the issue of the two groups.

Read the above.

It doesn’t matter whether you are Pakistani, Pukistani, Arab, Chinese, mamak, Kaka, Bugis, Javanese, Minang, Aceh or whatever.

Tunku was Siamese, Razak was Bugis, Hussein Onn was Turk but from India, Mahathir is Indian (Malayalee), Rosmah is Minang, Zaid is Javanese, Muhyiddin is Javanese, Anwar is Indian (Tamil), Wan Azizah is Korean.

Masidi is not Malay.

There’s no such thing as rumpun Melayu.

The point is Melayu is not Orang Asal (First Nation people). So, they have no business calling themselves Bumiputera or calling others pendatang.

Only Orang Asal are Bumiputera.

Bersatu cannot call itself pribumi party when it’s only for Melayu.

History cannot be based on collective amnesia.

Mahathir is from Kerala, southwest India. He can’t claim to be pribumi in Malaya.

Orang Asal (First Nation people). It’s about NCR, property rights guaranteed in the Federal Constitution.

Jesus said: “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.”

Truth is a powerful force for empowerment.

The Truth protects.

The Truth saves.

The Truth will not go away. The Truth is the Truth. Falsehoods will go away once exposed.

The Truth triumphs over falsehoods which is always based on collective amnesia driven by taqiyya (deliberately lying) and kitman (lying by ommission).

The Truth means that falsehoods will be exposed as having no legitimacy.

Sovereignty resides with the people.

Sovereignty means self-determination.

Sovereignty means standing on one’s feet and being master of one’s destiny.

Call no man Master.

Read the Federal Constitution.

Melayu is a “pendatang cari makan” category in the Federal Constitution.

Malaya is a English name based on the Tamil word malai which means hill.

Malai denotes the hill origin of the Cambodian dialect which Hindus and Buddhists from India used to create the Malay language as the lingua franca for the Archipelago.

Hence, the Malay Archipelago.

The original script for the Malay language was based on devanigiri from south India.

The same script is used by Tamil and other languages in south India, Thai, Burmese, Cambodian, Laotian, and also Vietnamese before the French came.

If we don’t know all this, it’s because our history is based on collective amnesia, driven by taqiyya (deliberately lying) and kitman (lying by ommission).

The concept of Malay nationalism was created in Singapore by Malayalee Muslims from Kerala, southwest India.

All nationalisms are defined by what they oppose.

Malay nationalism was created to oppose Chinese economic domination of Singapore and Malaya.

Indian traders in Singapore and Malaya were increasingly losing out to the Chinese. They couldn’t compete. So, Muslims from India fell back on religion as an economic and political weapon against the Chinese.

Read “Origin of Malay Nationalism” by Professor William Roff (Australian National University, Universiti Malaya).

The Chinese economic presence in southeast Asia was due to the Emperors in Beijing encouraging the rebellious people in south China to migrate.

A few went to the US and Australia.

The majority went to southeast Asia.

Every country in southeast Asia has an average 5 million Chinese. Malaysia has more, about 8 million Chinese.

There are also Indians in every country in southeast Asia. At one time, three-quarters of the land in Burma were owned by Indians.

In Indonesia, there are three million Indian expatriates in Jakarta alone.

Besides that, 20 million Indians are Indonesian citizens.
Not Orang Asal

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