It’s not difficult to figure out Trump

I have figured out this Trump character.

What we are going to witness is America going from planned chaos — for the rest of the world — to unplanned chaos for All.

He has no interest in making Muslims kill each other. If Muslims kill each other, he will not interfere.

Trump is mostly concerned about America.

He believes Washington no longer works, the system is broken, and that it’s rigged.

A big country like America needs system. Whether it works or otherwise is another matter. Trump believes in improvisation, not system.

America cannot be run by tinpot dictators.

Trump is going to be one. He believes in taking the lead. He wants to provide leadership. Those who don’t follow will suffer. He will make sure of that.

He has already promised the Catholic Church that he will support them.

Fortunately, the Congress and Senate are there to gang up against him.

Trump is sure to go ahead with the wall with Mexico, he will not allow Muslims and people from Muslim countries to enter the US, and he will support Putin to wipe out IS.

I won’t be surprised if he nukes IS in western Iraq and eastern Syria.

He will tell Saudi Arabia, Hezbollah and Iran to get out of Syria and Iran out of Iraq.

One thing that Trump cannot stand is corruption. So, you know what’s going to happen there.

Both China and M’sia are very corrupt.

He will not tolerate China laying claim to 95 per cent of the South China Sea.

He will tell Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Taiwan, Nato, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States to pay for defending them.

He will tell China to stop manipulating the currency.

He will relook all trade agreements and trash the nuclear deal with Iran. He doesn’t mind if Iran acquires nuclear weapons. His idea is to nuke Iran if it threatens to use their weapons. He won’t wait until Iran actually uses nuclear weapons.

Same approach to North Korea. Nuke North Korea if they threaten to use nuclear weapons. He won’t wait until they really use them.

He will stop subsidising Pakistan. If Pakistan falls to pieces, he will leave it to India to sort it out.

He will punish American companies which shift factories and jobs to China. He thinks the companies are too greedy and want to make money by exploiting cheap labour in China.

Take it from me. I have learnt that it’s more important to listen than talk.

We can learn more by listening.

Trump won’t be sidetracked by any intelligence briefing.

He works on ventilating his ignorance.



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