Islam mostly about Mo

Most people (including Muslims) mistakenly believe that the Quran is the whole of Islam Scripture. It is not. By content it is only 14% of Islamic Scripture. The balance comes from the various Hadiths (60%) and Sirat al Rasul (26%).
Together, the trilogy of Quran + Hadith + Sira forms Islam.

One needs to remember that the Quran is not written in chronological order but from the longest sura (chapter) to the shortest. Even within a sura, there is no logical or chronological sequence. The revelations contained with the Quran need to be read in context with the sequence it was revealed and for this the biography of the Messenger is important and that is why Sirat al Rasul (Sira) becomes important.

The hadiths give fascinatingly detailed, highly personal but interesting tidbits of information about the Messenger as recounted by his wives, close confidants, and friends.

Stuff like how he urinated (sitting), which hand to use to hold the penis (left), how to do ritual cleansing (wudu), his views on women (devils, donkeys and dogs), his sexual abilities (equal to 30 men and having sex with his 11 wives in one night), his surprise raids/ wars on Kafir neighbors, his commands to assassinate his critics and detractors, and a whole load of such stuff.

~ Pretmet Móhammed


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